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Wallet system in PHP, Android & iOS!

Transaction History

Online Transaction Statement

The online wallet gets features such as online transaction statements, which display the previous payments made and incomes received by the user. This section of the web application shows the credit and debit history of the user’s bank account. The transaction history shows different types of direct payments, incomes, interests and charges that are paid or received through the user’s account. We have teams of website and mobile app developers who can create wallets in web platforms such as PHP and mobile wallets in Android & iOS platforms.

Payment Gateway

Web & Mobile Payment Integration

Payment getaway APIs allow the integration of third party payment solutions or services in the current or new web application. This service can be enabled in any kinds of applications where payment systems are required. Payment APIs integration in various mobile and web platforms can be done efficiently and effectively. Our developers are adept in mobile payment app development & creating digital wallets for web platforms. They create safe and secure e wallets for safer payments or money transfers.

Payment Remittance

Transfer of Funds through Remittance

The money to be sent as a gift or payment for someone can be transferred through the app. International money transfer to relatives or family members can be managed through the app. Users can manage the remittance for someone and also set scheduled transfer dates for the money. It allows user to send money to make regular payments for fees, electricity, rent, bill payments or any other services. They can check international exchange rates for different countries they are about to send the money to.

Add Money

Add money to wallet

With multiple payment integration services, users can add money on their e-wallets through their bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. This allows them to save money on their e-wallets for further use in online platforms. Adding money on the wallet through bank account allows the account holder save various rates & taxes that they might be required to pay for. Money wallet allows access to many platforms where payment is required securely.

Transaction Details

Transaction IDs generation

The mobile wallet will always create a unique ID number for every money transfer made through the app. With this feature, the ID number can be used for future reference purposes. Other transaction details such as date of payment, amount paid or received and category for the payment. Users can view monthly or weekly statements of transactions that they have made. Each transaction ID has unique details such as bank of payment, bank accounts, city, country etc.

Transfer Money

Funds Transfer through app & website

Users can transfer money with the digital wallet for web and mobile platforms with their bank accounts. They can transfer the money using regular bank features such as NEFT, RTGS or IMPS that the bank provides. Users can add multiple accounts for money transfer on the app and manage each account with unique passwords. This is a secure and safe method of transferring money online without any hassle complexities.

Bank API Integration

Multiple Banks API Integration

Users can perform simple banking tasks with the app that lets them use APIs to other banks for transferring money, depositing checks etc. Bank APIs are secure to make effective payment solutions for money transfer and receipts. Users can track all kinds of banking activities with their e-wallet apps and payment apps developed by our mobile and web developers. The mobile banking system is available for multiple web applications to receive or make payments.

Pay Bills & Recharge

Recharge & Payment apps & websites

With the mobile payment apps and e-wallet apps, users can perform other tasks than money transfer, such as payment of bills, recharge for mobiles or DTH services. They can also select multiple coupons that are available in the mobile app for discounts or services at various stores or locations. We have different teams for mobile wallet development, digital wallet creation, mobile payment app development, online payment system creation etc.

Pay By QR

QR code mobile payment

QR code payments, how it works- the mobile application enables the camera in the mobile to allow you to scan the QR code displayed at the merchant outlet or website to make the payment. Users all over the globe are using the QR code payment method. We can provide this feature for your mobile e-wallet app with which you can make payments for any merchant with the QR code for their mobile wallet account.

Chat Support Integration

Chat Support for Digital Wallets

We can provide chat option on the web or mobile application for users to chat while transferring money online with the app. They can share details over the mobile wallet app within the chat box. They can share screenshots, transaction IDs, and account details etc that are needed for the payment. We can provide chat support on the app for business-to-business communication where you can share important information over the app.

Push Notifications

E-wallet Push Notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. Users do not have to be using the app or using their devices to receive them. This lets the notification stay on the notification panel until the user swipes it away. Those users who have installed the app on their mobiles can receive timely notification for payment reminders, payment status, new transfer made, money credited/debited etc. Extensible push notification design lets the developers create great user experience through which users can receive optimum information.

E-Wallet Expenses

Digital Wallet Expenses & Balance

We can provide a mobile wallet app with the feature of managing and keeping record of monthly expenses. Users can add different sections where they have to make regular payments for services such as Medical bills, food expenses, car/fuel expenses etc. The daily expenses of a person can be managed by the digital wallet system. We have proficient developers for mobile platforms who can build multiple web application of such kinds.

Discount Coupons

Offers and Promos

Users can view various kinds of promo vouchers that are available online with the app. These promo vouchers are to be clubbed with various services or products online. These discount coupons can be more third party services or products, or the services provided on the app itself like recharge or bill payments. We can provide applications and websites with the feature of providing coupons and offers.

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