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Search for Destinations

With the travel app & website, users can search for various famous destinations across the country & worldwide. The destinations can be search according to different filters such as budgets of the trip, weather suitable for visit, countries, and categories such as historical places, adventurous places, beaches etc. Tour package options can also be seen on the website for each destination. We have proficient team of developers who are aware of exact requirements of travel industries for web & mobile app formats.


Map integration feature

Map integration lets the users search for destinations on the app & create a trip for themselves. They can see places that are close & far with each other, restaurants in the city and various places that can be visited around the city. Map integration saves the time of searching multiple places separately on other search engines. Our developers who are experienced in building such websites and mobile apps can robustly integrate this feature.

Weather & Climate Forecasting

Weather & Climate forecasting in advance

Integration of weather search engine lets the traveler check the weather for upcoming days in the city or a place they are about to visit. This helps in preparing in advance for the tour and carry along all necessary items. Climate forecasting also tells the best time to visit a place. Our teams of developers can do the weather feature integration in the app & website efficiently. Hire experienced web & mobile app developers from Hire Outsource.

Flight Booking

Online Flight Booking

Users can search for flights for the destination they are going to and book a flight online through the app. Flight booking apps for travel industries can be developed by the team of web & mobile app developers at Hire Outsource. We have the prominent resource for your needs in the web and mobile platforms who are knowledgeable, experienced, and have mastered the art of developing multiple web applications for industries.


Search & book Hotels online

Search for best hotels at best prices around the destination & book rooms online with the website and app. Users can search for multiple hotels using various search filters such as price, location, room type, hotel type etc. They can see the location of the hotel on the map and check the distance from the hotel to various other places. We are a travel portal development company that provides efficient resources for travel website & app requirements.

Things To Do

Search for Events & Activities

Users can search for various events, plays, sports, activities, shows etc happening around the place and see the address for each event. Website & app shows the events & activities listed on the web and are near to the location. Users can see this on maps also where each event location can be tracked. They can see all the information about the event or the play on the app & website.

Near By Rest

Search for Restaurant, Bars & Cafes

Users, by using the location, can search for various food eating places on the app where they can go for dinner, drinks, coffee etc. Users can see best restaurants to go to and that are near to their location. They can see their services, menus, prices, reviews, ratings, user satisfaction feedback etc. They can check the distance to the place on the map as well. Hire web & mobile app developers who are experienced in building such applications.

Integrated Social Feed

Social Media API integration

With the travel app developed for you, there can be an added section for social feed of the company or web social page. Company’s social account activities can be shown on the website as well as the app where, a section for social feed can be added. If your web application requires social account integration for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn, where your news feed can be highlighted, we have developers who can integrate this feature.

Trip Reviews

Reviews & Ratings

Custom plug-in for user reviews and ratings can be integrated where users can postreviews and rate a trip as per their experience. This will let other users know the best place to visit, and the trip that best for the weather. The ratings can be given through any social account of the user and they can share it on their feed as well. They can modify and update the review they have posted anytime

Select City & Country

Define current & desired location

Users can set their location and time zone in the app where they can select different cities they are willing to visit. We have proficient web & mobile app developers who are capable of building travel web & mobile applications from the ground up with integration of custom modules and plug-ins for various functionalities. Hire travel website developers for desktop web applications and hire travel app developers for mobile applications for éclat and robust applications.

Car Hiring Companies

Car Hiring through the app

Travelers can hire a cab or taxi through the app and choose from the list of multiple cab service providers that are available. Users can see different rate lists and car types to choose the suitable car type. They can check the distance the car is away for and the time required for reaching a place. Third party app integration is also possible where APIs for taxi apps can be integrated with the app.

Currency Converter

Your country your currency

The currency converter tool can be made available, by which the users can calculate the currency of the respective country they are traveling. This feature lets the user save money while traveling and the budget can be maintained. The list of countries contains names of more than 250 countries and their currency rates. They can swap between two currencies and change the preference any time. Hire travel website & app developers for robust applications delivered for your travel business requirement.

Uber/Cab Services Integration

Different Cab Services Integration

We have a pool of mobile and web developers who can integrate cab services on the travel website and app by which users can book any cab on the go. Different cab service providers like Uber & Ola provide app integration APIs for multiple app structures that will help users book a cab. This helps in traveling small distances around the place quickly and smoothly. Cab services list will help user choose the best fares for a ride.

Photo/Video Sharing

Media sharing with others

Users can share different kinds of media files with other users with the help of Bluetooth, Airdrop, other apps etc. We can integrate social sharing buttons for the users to share multiple images or videos in their social accounts. They can send files through emails as well where many email applications can support sharing of the media files. Hire travel web & mobile developers for fulfilling requirements of your travel agency.

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