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Taxi Booking

Taxi booking through app

The taxi booking mobile application allows the users search for taxi in the locality and book it through the app itself. Users can search for a taxi through the app by setting filters like car model, fare etc and check the distance it is away from them. They can schedule the booking for a specific time they want to leave. We provide apps that have taxi services listed for every city the service provider requires. We have adept iOS and Android developer teams who have established themselves as proficient developers.

Near By Taxi

Search Near By Taxi on taxi map

Find a taxi near you on the map integrated with the application. The map integration lets the users see various taxis near them and book it with the app. The app uses location and GPS APIs to enable accurate map location searching. We provide cab-hiring apps for multiple taxi service providers who provide their service locally or nationally. We help small business enterprises develop the structure of their business and make a growth.

Real Time ETA

Check Estimated Time of Arrival

Users can check the estimated time of arrival, which updates every minute based on real time data. The app technology that uses the location through the satellite and the GPS makes it accurate to check the live traffic between the route and the destination. The app shows different ETA for different route that the user can take; users can switch between different routes. We have taxi app developers who can enable this feature into the taxi booking app.

Fare Estimates

Calculate Fare Estimates

The app lets the users calculate the fare estimate of the ride with the base price of the vehicle type they choose. The fare estimate is calculated based on the distance of the ride and the terms & conditions of the cab provider. The cab provider sets the base fare for each vehicle type. We provide taxi service applications for the cab providers to manage the cab service they provide. Hire Android & iOS developers for effective mobile applications for your taxi business.

Multiple Payment Options

Online payment API integration

We can integrate different payment services like American Express, VISA, PayPal, and MasterCard etc. for users opting to pay online for the delivery service. This allows users to pay through debit or credit cards, net banking accounts etc. Payment APIs are secure & private based on https protocol for safe use of payment methods. This redirects to a safer network where any user cannot save the password or any other information.

Taxi GPS Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Taxi service providers can track their vehicles and drivers smarter with the taxi app on their Smartphone. We provide Smartphone based GPS vehicle tracking systems for effective and secure fleet management of their taxi businesses. Monitoring cars and managing the business effectively is easier by using a taxi GPS tracking system, as it displays the real time view of the vehicle's location. Hire mobile app developers for the effective taxi app solutions for multiple platforms.

User & Driver Registration

Driver registration on online taxi registers

The driver app can get redirection with the online taxi registry department of respective country or the state. The app will register the driver to the main database, which will have all the information about the driver such as license, address, ID proofs etc. User registration will require registering through email or social accounts, which will provide basic information of the user riding the taxi. We have proficient team that is capable of doing such tasks for taxi service providers.

Driver Profile

Driver Profile

Users can see drivers profile before booking a ride with them. The driver profile section shows drivers name contact, ratings, reviews and riding experiences of users. This helps in knowing the behavior of the driver already. The driver profile is maintained in order to improve the riding experiences of the users. Users can select the profile they want to choose. We have developers who can create an effective design for the driver profile section on the app.

Trip History

Previous Trip History

The trip history section in the taxi app shows the last trips that were successfully booked and taken by the user. This helps in managing monthly expenses for traveling or transportation. This section shows all kinds of information such as driver’s information, city of fare, route map taken etc. We have a pool of mobile application developers for Android and iOS platforms used widely for taxi booking apps. They can provide all the features integrated into the app for extra and smooth performance of the business.

Route Map

Route Map with APIs

We can provide the third party map integration into the taxi app for smooth and accurate map tracking and route alternatives. This will help in making the estimation of the time for arrival to the destination through different routes. Users can choose the easiest routes for safe travel with the taxi. Different route map shows different times for each route. Users can see whether they can go to someplace else on the route to the destination.

Ride Details

Ride Details

The ride details section is for displaying the current ride details such as the pickup point, destination, time of booking, fare calculator, estimated time of arrival etc. This section works live with the internet based on real time analysis. It updates every second to show the correct information about the location, remaining route etc. Users can view the route on the map with the APIs integrated. We can provide mobile taxi applications that show accurate information based on real time.

Ride Booking

Advanced & On-time Cab Booking

Booking a cab or a taxi in advance for scheduled rides is possible with the taxi applications developed by our developers. Users can book the ride on the same time or schedule it for later through the app. The app will display all the important details about the driver, cab, date, time, route etc. Advance booking removes the hassle of urgent requirement and high surge pricing. Hire our developers for the web or mobile solutions for your taxi business and create a great market share.

Select Cab Type

Select cab from the list of cab types

Users can choose different kinds of cabs for the ride with the app based on the price, capacity, number of passengers, availability etc. All cabs can be tracked on the map and called upon as per requirement. We can provide other apps like Uber or build Uber like apps for taxi business startups. Our mobile developers can build android taxi apps, Uber clone apps, ride-sharing apps, iPhone taxi apps etc for innovational & efficient taxi app solutions for your business.

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