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06 MAY

First, a small introduction towards Rails:

·    In not so technical language-

Ruby on Rails or ROR is a well-documented rapid development model built with the Ruby language. Ruby is an object-oriented language that is used alongside with the Rails framework for web development. Rails is a platform that is based on the Ruby language just like VueJS, PhantomJS & NodeJS are based on the JavaScript model.

So, it can be understood that Rails is a framework written in Ruby language that provides a unique structure for creating websites and applications with some features of other languages as well.

·         In developers’ language-

Ruby on Rails is a model–view–controller (MVC) framework that gives a unique and default structure for creating web pages & applications and backend databases. Ruby on Rails has a direct access to the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS giving full control to the developer over the code.


Ok, so why use Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is Elegant, Powerful & Concise!

Before we tell you why you should be using the platform, you must know that some of the biggest companies such as Twitter, Bloomberg, Goodreads, Soundcloud, GitHub, and Genius are using ROR!


Yes, your favorite tweets are coming from the backend provided by this framework, your favorite books are listed on this platform, your favorite music streaming service is provided by ROR and so on and so forth.

The Ruby language itself has best features of some other dynamic languages that offer a robust infrastructure, which saves a lot of time in configuring files & speeds up the time for web development.

The usage statistics of Ruby on Rails shows that currently, over 1.3 million websites are using ROR. The top website categories built on ROR are Business & Industry, Arts & Entertainment, Internet & Telecom and Online Shopping websites.

And with all that, It’s free to use!


Should you learn/use ruby on rails?

That answer lies within two questions-

·         What can you build with Ruby on Rails? And,

·         When to use ruby on rails?


So, let us discuss each of them,


What can you build with Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails lets the aesthetics of a web application become stronger with its rapid development model.

You can build multiple applications with Rails that need Record-based data which needs rapid modification.

Moreover, you can build these following categories of applications on ROR-

·         Mobile & Desktop Applications

·         Client-side Applications

·         Web Applications and APIs

·         Games for all devices etc

In addition, these are the kinds of application systems that ROR can build-

·         Online Library Management system

·         Loan Management system

·         Online Examination System

·         Chat Applications



When to use Ruby on Rails?

One should consider these “When” factors before using Ruby on Rails-

  • 1.      When there is a fixed budget for the project.
  • 2.      When the development process is expensive.
  • 3.      When a completely new database & code has to be developed.
  • 4.      When the project has complex applications.
  • 5.      When the time for the development process is less.

Does your condition match any of the above? If yes, then you should opt for Ruby on Rails.


Benefits of Ruby on Rails

Now, let us discuss the benefits or advantages of Ruby on Rails-


  • ·         ROR is open source

Yes, Ruby on Rails is an open source platform for developers, so it is free to use.

  • ·         Community & Support

ROR has a large community of developers who provide updates and support for its code and already many developers have been providing online support.

  • ·         Builds complex websites

Ruby on rails is helpful in building client side applications that are of complex structure and need faster development process.

  • ·         ROR is a mature platform

A community of developers is using Ruby on Rails for a long time since 2005. It has proven itself as the agile framework for the continuous and rapid development process. Developers prefer a proven platform for a robust application development.

  • ·         Easy Web Deployment

Ruby on Rails gives way for an easy deployment process of the project to the client side from the server side.


Advantages of Ruby on Rails over other languages

ROR has a few advantages over other platforms for a robust web application that is why so many startups use Ruby on Rails as the primary platform. The advantages are listed below-

ROR is faster to use

We have already tried to tell you its speed advantages over other platforms above. Again, ROR is one of the faster platforms out there, which has easy server side deployment and it requires very less time for set up.

ROR is Concise

ROR requires lesser code than any other programming language in use by developers. This gives way for maximum productivity of time, code and server space.

Convention over Configuration

It uses conventions, which makes it easy for migration from other platforms. The data management is simpler as it uses default locations for MVCs, tests & Plug-ins etc.

Rails is Secure

Ruby on Rails is the far secure platform as it prevents the Syntax errors, SQL injection attacks & XSS.



We have covered almost all the important aspects of Ruby on Rails framework. So, by the time you are reading this sentence, you probably have made up your mind about the choice you are going to make. As with every other platform, one single platform is not capable of handling all kinds of web applications smoothly, so it really is a matter of choice for developers. And we have seen Rails evolve from last 12 years as a standalone platform and it has got the maturity that others have not.  We have used this platform for our services in the past and found it to be really time-saving and concise platform.

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