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Video Chat

Live video chat with filters

We can create apps like Skype, imo, WhatsApp etc for live video chatting with other users. Chat with your mobile camera and record a conversation with the live video chat app. Users can adjust the screen ratio as per their convenience, set the camera quality, record the voice, take snapshots etc with the video chat application. Apart from videos, they can send multiple other files such as images, pdf files, documents etc via the app.

Live Sports TV

Live Sports Streaming App

Stream various sports TV channels with the app online and watch favorite sports programs on the app or the website. We can integrate various TV services on the app or website for the users to watch TV online according the country the app is built for. Users can watch sports news, sports games, sport highlights etc on the app or the website. We have sports streaming app developers who can build awesome apps & websites for sports streaming service.

Video Download & Streaming

Stream videos & download on the app

Users can create their login account in the app, stream various videos, and save them on the app itself to watch later. This lets them watch a video later even without internet connection. We have multiple teams of developers who work for clients’ custom needs and requirements for media streaming services online. Hire mobile app developers who can create Android & iOS video streaming apps; or hire web developers who can create video streaming websites for multiple platforms.

Video Broadcasting

Live Video Broadcasting

We create streaming apps that let the users broadcast live videos to their followers or friends on multiple social platforms via the streaming app service. This is done on the real time basis where users can watch the video live on the streaming app. We create apps like Hotstar, Voot etc where live broadcasting of videos is possible without any hassle. Create a live streaming app for your media service with our developers who are adept in building & deploying a great project for industry verticals.

Music Streaming

Music streaming apps & website

We create apps for music streaming on the app or the website. The app runs on the server and users can listen to different kinds of music online via the app or the website. Music streaming app development is quite easier than the video streaming app development and our developers are adept in creating strong backend management system for the app on multiple platforms for the streaming service. We have music & video streaming app builders who are always up for a new challenging project on any platform.

Live Radio

Live Radio

We can provide mobile app development & website development services for radio channels. Listening to live radio via app is much easier rather than using the radio FM. We have cost effective resource for multiple requirements that need a live radio service for their FM radio station. We can create websites as well as mobile applications for Radio channels, FM services, online radios etc. Hire a developer from Hire Outsource for the requirement fulfillment.

Social Sharing

Social Media APIs

We can integrate custom modules or plug-ins for social sharing on the video streaming website as well as video streaming mobile app. This is for users to embed their social account details with the app or website and share with their friends. Users can stream multiple videos or music on the social platforms with the video streaming application. They can invite friends via social media, send them requests to join the app etc.

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The developers work together with the clients to understand each step for the deployment and help them in generating unique concepts & creative ideas.

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