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Social Login

The most secure social media login APIs

The social networks have become more sensitive to the rising number of the users. We make social media apps & websites with the Social Login features that get extra security features integrated such as secure networking, https integration, OTP and email verification, secure password structure, efficient admin panel management etc. Our team of developers has done a deep and extensive analysis of user behavior on various social networks and the kinds of features that are required for and extra secure Login feature.

User Comments

User Comments privacy and moderation

The user comments can be moderated according to the audience or users the company has. With most algorithms, it has become easy to put moderation into comments and restrict certain kinds of offensive words or phrases. Social application development lets the users that comment set the privacy on the visibility of the comment. The comments can only be visible to audience set by the user. The users can set the different set of privacy features for comments visibility.

Video & Text Chating

Secure and Private Chat Boxes

Users can send or receive multiple messages in form of texts, images or videos to other users more securely and privately. Live streaming of video feeds is also a feature that can be integrated according to the requirement by the company. The photos and videos shared amongst users are stored in a secure network store where all the files are secure and viewed. Our social media app developers ensure that videos and images of high quality and resolutions can be shared with ease, and managed securely.


Create and Manage Events

Events happening in and around you can be viewed according to the current location, friends visiting the place etc. You can create custom events and invitation can be sent to different users. Events include all kinds of important information required such as date, venue, the number of users attending, privacy of information etc. We can develop a social media app for Android, iPhone & web where the events can be shared and users can share all the information. Managing the event is easy with the social platforms as it has all necessary information required about the person attending the event.

Live Video Sharing

Live Video Streaming and Podcasts

Live streaming of videos amongst users and followers can be done on real time basis where live comments and likes can be shared. Through our Android and iPhone social networking app development, a video can be shared without any kind of lag in the quality until network issue. Podcasts, where live interaction is done among user and followers, is much effective with the social networks developed today. The live streaming feature lets the user interact with the users interact on real time basis.

Location Based Platform

Proximity Social Networking

Users can share their location with other users on the social platforms using map integration and GPS APIs that are embedded into the social web application. With the proximity social networking, users can Search Real-time Feeds with the real time data of their connections on the social platform. Social network development for companies lets them measure customer experience, gather social data, engage and target customers through the social platform developed specially for their needs.

Social Media Ads

Showcase your product or service’s Ads

With the rising number of users on social media, the companies now have a much better platform for displaying their ads. User interaction is better in the social platforms; users come across many ads on their feed, which actually turns into a conversion for many industries. Social media development by our developers also provides a better platform for companies for displaying their ads. The Ads that will actually interact with the users and create a brand awareness among them.


A better platform for Bloggers

Content sharing and syndication on social platforms has let the bloggers make a wider reach among the users. If the users love or like a blog, then blogs are shared amongst themselves which attracts user interaction. Blog sharing and generating a large group of followers is easy on social platforms. Our developers are adept in Social media app development which provides a robust blog management and content management system for users. We also provide analytic tools to monitor visitors on the blog.


Manage the lists of Friends/followers

Create groups & custom lists etc from the list of the friends and followers to target different set of people. Manage the list according to age, sex, location, college, education etc that needs to be targeted. Find common and mutual friends; get friend list suggestions etc according to your interaction with others. Manage the audience for the posts that you make and post privacy. Social media application development with us will help you in getting all the requirements fulfilled.

Notifications Feed

Real-time Feeds and Notifications

The social media website and app requires having a flawless flexibility in its notification section so the users can set up live feed table notifications, switch on/off feed notifications on their account and manage post notifications etc. Operators can manage RSS feed with push notifications and schedule notifications for their followers when they want. iPhone & Android social networking app development by our developers is ensured with the fact that the notification panel is structured according to the requirement.

Invite Friends

Invite Friends from various sources

Our mobile application development has moved beyond feature development. We do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their problems.Our mobile application development has moved beyond feature development. We do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their problems.Our mobile application development has moved beyond feature development. We do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their problems.

Online Polling

Live Polls for any Event

Displaying live polls on the wall just like Twitter and Facebook, where users can vote for their choices online. This system attracts user interaction and helps in getting their insights about a particular topic. This is also a powerful tool for market growth through attracting visitors through various social platforms to your page or wall. The companies usually do online polls for surveys, marketing, user interaction etc to attract many users.

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