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We build Best websites & apps for Medical!

Home Delivery of Medicines

Ask for Medicines Home Delivery through app

We provide medical apps & websites for medical ecommerce companies by integrating features for home delivery of medicines. Home delivery feature can let users select location through map integration in the app & the website. Users can check the time required for delivery of medicines from local store through location tracking on maps. Users can order medicines online through medical ecommerce apps. We develop online medicine apps & websites for chemist home delivery and medicine home delivery from local medical stores.

Order History

Check Previous Orders & Manage Prescriptions

Order history section lets the users keep personal health records and check previous prescriptions they have taken for particular problem. Medical app & website developers can develop applications that let users re-order previous medical prescribed for them and continue their medication. They can schedule order management for next prescription through the web& mobile application. They can track their drug intake with the order history and remaining medicines. The app & website lets them send records of previous orders to doctors.

Store Locator

Online Medical Store Locator

Local medical stores nearby can be tracked by the app through map and location API that will show all medical stores that are listed on the map. This lets the users avoid get medicines when they are travelling or in emergencies. Our Android & iOS developers provide medical app development that lets the user locate a medical store in their city. Map integration lets them see distance and time to the location of the store.

Pill Reminder

Pill Reminder app for iOS & Android

The medical app development by our developers gets a feature of reminding for pills during the time of the day. Users can set information about the pill on the app and can set the time they want the patient to take the pill. It helps the patients take pills on time and avoid skipping it. The patients not taking medications as prescribed on time by the app that save their health.


Online Pharmacy Tools

Users have all the tools provided online for an effective health record maintenance. The online pharmacy lets them order refill for their prescriptions, check their current medicines etc. They can add notes in the notepad tool provided and check the health info of a patient. This is a quick way to manage the health record of a patient online. Hire medical developers who are experienced in developing mobile apps for hospitals and pharmacies.

Quick Order through Prescription

Medical Ecommerce Apps & Websites

Our developers have profound experience in developing online ecommerce apps & websites for medical products & pharmacies who sell online. Users can quickly order through the list provided on the web & mobile application and can pay online using multiple payment options integrated in the app& website. Pharmacists can display the medicine menu on the application to highlight their products. Product catalogue can be managed efficiently with the strong backend system that is provided with the app. Hire medical app & web developers for all platforms on web & mobile devices.

Live Doctor Consultation

Healthcare Web Applications for Doctors

We develop medical apps for doctors who can manage their patients’ records on the apps and manage unique ID for each patient. They will have particular health record for each patient by which they can check up on the status of his health improvement. Patients can consult the doctor online through chat or video calls with the features that can be integrated as per requirement. Patients can stay in touch with the doctors with the app to have continuous prescription given.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Health App & Website Development Company

Manage the medications information, health records, prescription history etc with the app and have explicit control over the patients’ health. Check nearby pharmacies, customize settings of the app, and share information through social APIs or SMS. Users can search for doctors in the city for specific treatments and requirements. Hire medical app developers who are proficient in building custom apps for hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, fitness & healthcare industry.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications for Mobile Apps

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users do not have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. This lets the notification stay on the notification panel until the user swipes it away. Those users who have installed the app on their mobiles can receive timely notification for reminders, appointments, medications, pills, prescriptions etc. Extensible push notification design lets the developers create great user experience through which users can receive optimum information.

Chat With Pharmasit

Chat Boxes enabled for mobile apps

With the chat box integration on the app, patients can chat with the pharmacists regarding prescriptions, medications, and consultation. Pharmacists can send information about the medicines and update the patients. Patients can check up on orders, check prescriptions, check doctor availability etc. with the app. We develop app and websites for pharmacists & pharmacies. Get the information about the contact information about the pharmacist and search for various pharmacists on the app.

Prescription Submission

Prescription Submission through the app & website

Patients can submit prescription information to the pharmacist or doctors and they can review the information. Doctors can always update the prescription information and change it with the patient IDs. We develop medical apps & websites of a kind that let the communication between doctors & patients go smooth. We have dedicated team of developers who are proficient in developing multiple web applications for custom requirements from healthcare industries.

Appointment booking

Doctor Appointment & Availability

Search for doctors around you and check on the appointment status & whether the doctors are available at the right time. Search doctors according to the category and the department they belong. Appointments can be booked online through the app or website for particular doctor according to the suitable time. Reminders can be set on the app for doctors’ availability and wait list status. Patients can see all information about the doctor such as their hospital, clinic, address, contact etc.

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We have chosen developers from all across who are client oriented and provide extended support with full potential while developing any project for a client.

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The design that our developers create is fully customized according to the clients’ perspective, vision and structure of the organization with high-end usability and UI/UX.

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The developers work together with the clients to understand each step for the deployment and help them in generating unique concepts & creative ideas.

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