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Workout Plan

Workout routine apps

We provide daily workout apps & workout journal apps that display proper workout techniques and methods set by the instructor for the users to follow. The workout website or mobile app can receive multiple features integrated that can show the optimum plan for various weight groups. The developers’ team has divergent experience of creating such applications for healthcare clients. We have the cost-effective resource for your needs & requirements.

Exercise Video

Video API integration

Our developers are proficient in creating gym workout apps that can show various exercise videos to users with multimedia APIs, YouTube API and other online video libraries. This helps is viewing the right techniques with real usage by professionals. The online fitness coach can upload videos on the server and the users can watch the video by logging in to the app or website through emails, social media accounts etc.

Calorie Calculator

Calorie chart & history

The calorie chart history will display the amount of calories burnt by the user. The timer and the sensor APIs that are integrated into the app calculate the calories. This will display the total progress made by the user and how close he is to his goal. We have developed several daily workout apps & workout timer apps for multiple health coaches and gym instructors in the past. Our service module can be modified and the hiring modules can be customized as per the clients’ needs & requirements.

Activity Setup

Custom workout setup

Users can set their own custom workout plans in the app and monitor their performance. The workout app can have the feature of setting up custom activity plan for the workout. If the user has his own knowledge of workout and wants to do custom repetitions or custom set activity for the workout, he can set the app to display custom timer, different sets of activities and monitor the workout.

Fitness Activity Tracking

Track your workout & performance

The fitness application lets the users track their workout performance with the app and record the progress in the app. They can track distance, steps, calories and rest time taken during the exercise etc. The workout and fitness app get all the features required for the robust performance of the mobile app. We can integrate all the important features required for the workout mobile application.

Record Workout

Record Workout

Our mobile application development has moved beyond feature development. We do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their problems.Our mobile application development has moved beyond feature development. We do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their problems.Our mobile application development has moved beyond feature development. We do a deep end-user study and develop an app that sticks with users, solves their problems.

Nutrition Diet

Diet & nutrition apps

The diet and nutrition app can show various diet plans for different weight groups, age groups, body types etc. This can all be set into the app and every user can browse different types of diet plans they can get. We have web and mobile app developers who can integrate custom modules into the application project of your company. Workout apps are custom designed as per the instructors’ requirements and guidelines.

Instruction Guide

Instruction Guide Gifs

The daily workout apps & websites display various gif images for users to see the instructors guide to the workout. They can see the technique and method used for the workout. The instructor guide plays with the timer embedded in to the app. These help in tracking the technique that the user is using and rectify any mistakes. We provide healthcare mobile app development that is one of a kind and all the important features are integrated by us.

Set Reminder

Set reminders for workout

Users can set reminders during rest time in a workout and track their workout rest taken. They can set reminders for mealtime and diet plans. This helps in effective workout and recovery. We can integrate this feature with the mobile workout app for users to remind themselves of the workout activities. They can set smart reminders, daily reminders, and interval reminders in the app.

Calender Setting

Plan & schedule workout

We can integrate various calendar APIs like Google calendar in the app for users to set next workout target activity, keep record of accomplishment day wise, and set reminders for upcoming days. Calendar API lets the users check the workout cycle.

Countdown Timer

Stopwatch integration

The countdown timer is used for keeping the period with the app. This helps in tracking the time taken for a workout activity. Users will complete the workout in the given timeframe by the app. We can integrate this feature into the workout mobile application.

Play/Pause Feature

Pause a workout

During a workout activity displayed on the mobile, users can stop or pause the app to show various angles of the body position during the workout. This helps in understanding the technique better and the users can see all the methods mentioned in the app. Play/Pause feature lets the user maintain the speed of the workout. We can integrate this feature into the workout mobile application.

History Of Activities

Workout statistics & records

We can integrate the workout statistics feature for users to track their performance in the previous month or week. This helps in improving the workout procedure and technique used by the user. They can set notes and remarks for each workout that will help them in remembering the last down performance and the mistakes made during the workout. We have integrated this feature in the past in one of the clients’ app.

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