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Sending Invitation

Sending Invitation on social platforms

The event application developed for multiple platforms lets the users send invitation to multiple users on various social platforms with social media API integration and SMS integration. With mobile devices, users can connect to the contacts on their app on the app. This lets the users see where are friends going and what is the most visited event in the city. Sending invitation to others for attending a specific event can be done easily. Invitations with custom messages can also be sent.

Organize an Event

Organize an Event through the mobile app

Users can customize an event on the mobile event app where they can add location, description, images, videos, links, venues etc. This helps a lot of event management companies create and manage the app for events. Managing entry & exit, members database, timing information etc and all other important information can be efficiently organizes through the mobile app. We develop event apps that have superb architecture for the effective management of events.

Event time and date

Manage event date and time with the app

The event mobile app lets the organizers manage dates and times for events. They can publish it in social platforms and provide correct information to the people. This lets them open the ticket-booking window online with multiple payment integration options. The date can be set accordingly and multiple periods can be set for the event. The global event app will show the time as per the time zone of the user.

Tracking event location on map

Map integration with the app for location tracking

The event mobile app can get map integration where users can check the accurate location for event on the mobile app. We can integrate multiple maps such as Google Maps, Here Maps, and Apple Maps etc. Map integration lets the visibility of the event displayed more clearly as it can be shown on the search result pages of multiple search engines. This is the best way to track any events’ location faster with mobile devices.

Registration & Ticketing

Online Registration & Ticket Booking with the app

The online ticket-booking window can be shown on the app where users can register and book any event. We can integrate various payment options for users to pay for the event online. Registration can be done with the social media accounts through the social media APIs. Admin can collect all the Data with registration forms that are on the app. Organizers can manage payments, customize ticket designs, set ticket limits per-event etc. We also develop event mobile check-in and ticket scanning apps for secure entry.

Contact Management

Control exactly who can see what in your account

People can invite their contacts on the app such as their clients, prospects, vendors, business peers and networking partners etc. to collaborate and use the application. They can set privacy for content visibility for users that are in their network. Users can update contacts in bulk & import contacts in one click to other file formats. They can maintain a professional address book & invite contacts and keep all contact information in one place.

Multiple payment gateway support

Multiple payment gateway support

We provide payment integration with multiple online payment service providers to make a secure payment procedure for users. Payment gateway Integration allows organizers to collect money before they start. The event payment system and integration is the safe & sound system for organizers to have the money collected for event. This lets them receive advance payment and manage event properly with the money. With the several payment gateway add-ons, one or more gateways can be activated at the same time.

Waiting List

Assign Waiting List to Your Event

Create a waiting list event with the event app developed by our developers. You can manage your waitlist from anywhere with any device. Users can check waiting list for an event and see how many users are in the waiting line, they can also check waiting lists for multiple events. You can keep guests informed by notifying them with SMS, email, messenger etc. Organizers can see analytics of their events and see how any people are in the waiting lists.

Mobile Check-In

Quick Check-In Process

Mobile check-in for events lets the users share their current location of the event with the network on various social platforms. The app can make the check-in process as quick and simple as possible to have a quick check in process. The event check-in is really smooth and efficient for making online posts. This feature can streamline the event planning process to have effective event management. Now the check-in does not have to be stressful and time-consuming.

Email Invitations

Email Invitations for events

Organizers can send event invitations to number of users via emails with the use of the app. This app integrates with other email apps to send invitation messages via email to them. This lets them write personalized event messages to invite others. Emails can be sent as per the limit set by the user. Send emails via various platforms that can be integrated to the app. Email login would be secure, private and customized.

Event Calender

Update users about events

We create event apps with event calendars to keep the users updated about the upcoming events in different cities and venues. The event calendar will let users organize their coming schedule for upcoming month or week and book event tickets in advance. With this last minute load can be avoided and events can sell tickets globally. With this, they can also see the prices for upcoming events and apply filters according to interests, venues, locations etc.

Private Events

Conferences and Corporate Events

We provide event app development for private& professional events like corporate and conferences where the information is kept private & invitation is sent via private platforms to the employees. Our mobile app developers are proficient in building custom event apps for private events that have privacy and security involved. Users can create events for corporate, parties and family events where limited audience and private people are invited.

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