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Sign Up/Login/Social Login

Create a new Sign-in account with Social Media

Our developers have prowess in integrating social media APIs into websites and mobile applications. This feature lets the users use different accounts for signing up with the application; which in-turn allows easy and secure login, privacy & security maintenance, and information protection with the application. Users do not have to fill each information about them as the app imports the data from the social account itself. Users can sign up using their email accounts that will allow the app to send emails to that email address.

Orders Section

Check Order Status

We can create custom order section for logistic app & website where each order for different people can be checked. The order status for each order can be tracked and the performance for each delivery provider can be checked. They can set filters according to different products and different cities for delivery. We have proficient delivery app developers for mobile and web platforms where they can build multiple web applications.

Order History

Previous Orders

Order history can be checked within the website or the mobile app that is built for the effective delivery management. This feature helps in taking out details required in case of order returns, cancellations etc. Our developers have built applications previously on multiple platforms for Logistic vendors who have praised the product they have received. We believe in regular communication with the client and maintain secrecy and security of the project.

Delivery Tracking

Location tracking through GPS

Delivery tracking by vendors’ end as well as receiver’s end can be done accurately and smoothly through the GPS APIs enabled and integrated with the website & the app. We provide custom plug-in installation and module development for applications on all platforms. We have a pool of developers who are proficient in building client side applications across desktop and mobile devices for all platforms. We have on demand delivery app builders who have developed few applications for multiple Logistics client companies that show delivery status for the order.

Pick Up Order

Pickup Address & Date selection

The delivery app & website gets the feature of selecting address and date for the pickup of the parcel. The whole information about the sender like sender’s name, sender’s address, sending date etc has to be filled responsibly. The client side application receives the request for delivery from the user side application and they can schedule the order pickup. The user side delivery schedule app can set the information about the delivery.

Live Map Tracking

Live map tracking for Client-side application

Live map tracking will allow tracking the current location of the deliveryman or the driver of the delivery van. In this way, the admin can keep track on the current progress of the driver, which will let them provide better customer service. This requires effective GPS integration to allow accuracy of location. We have developers team that is adept in building delivery route applications that have location API for Delivery application of the client side.

Order Commision

Commissions and Incentives

Delivery managers can set commission percentage or share on the logistics website for deliverymen who deliver their products to others. This will calculate the fair percentage according to the amount of the delivery charge. This section has the details like employee’s name, rate of commission, target of sales etc for them to calculate employee’s annual performance & salary. By this they can award the employee with the incentives or commissions that they deserve.

Google Map Integration

Google Map API Integration

Our developers have previous experience of building applications with third party API integrations. They can build custom modules and plug-ins for logistics apps & websites. This feature lets the deliverymen search the address on the map and check the distance from one location to other. Google maps help many businesses perform smooth operations with the accuracy of location and address. We have pool of developers who have built several restaurant delivery apps, delivery schedule apps and apps for delivering food.

Online Invoice

Invoice Generation

Our developers can create a delivery service app that has invoice generation feature for payments and receipts through mobile phone. Client side applications will display the amount remaining to be received and user side applications will display the amount to be paid; and once the receiver has made the payment successfully, both the apps will display success status from both sides. The apps will have the invoice saved for later consideration.

Discount Coupon

Coupon Service Integration

Online ordering systems will also receive discount coupon system that lets the user avail discount for the delivery or the order. These codes are saved in the backend of the database and the customer can see a discount in the amount once he applies the coupon code. This lets in increased sales and number of engagements with the companies’ app & website. Coupon service integration will be smooth and effective.

Updates On Delivery

Delivery Updates & Push Notifications

We can build apps that display notifications for updates about the delivery status. The notification panel will display push notification for user to see the update about the delivery. This gives way for effective delivery tracking by the user side application. The on demand app developers at Hire Outsource are pioneers of mobile app development and website development for Logistic companies. The ecommerce delivery system can also receive this feature of showing updated status of delivery.

Select Payment Option

Payment service integration

We can integrate different payment services like American Express, VISA, PayPal, and MasterCard etc. for users opting to pay online for the delivery service. This allows users to pay through debit or credit cards, net banking accounts etc. Payment APIs are secure & private based on https protocol for safe use of payment methods. This redirects to a safer network where any user cannot save the password or any other information.

Share Reviews

Reviews & Ratings

An app that delivers food can receive user inputs such as reviews, feedback and ratings for the services provided to them. These ratings and reviews help the service providers make improvements according to the feedback received from the users. The moderation filters can be set that block some set of offensive words or phrases to be used. This helps in monitoring the performance of the deliverymen and awarding them.

List Of Stores

Stores that deliver products

Users can find multiple stores from where they can buy the products they need and get them delivered to their address by delivery service providers. These stores are listed based on the ratings, reviews and products they have in their stores. The app can also display the location of the store to check the distance from the store, which will help in calculating time required for the delivery of the products.

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