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06 MAY

PHP framework provides a platform structure that allows us to develop robust web applications. PHP framework allows using rapid application development (RAD), which saves our time by reducing the use of repetitive coding and also provides stable applications development.  If you don’t use PHP framework then it takes too much time to write those repetitive codes, compelling you to write whole code from scratch for any new application development.

There are too many frameworks available but we have to choose best among these. PHP framework is a powerful tool which gives you the coding in clean and appropriate programming structure. Before going to discuss the framework there is a need to understand the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, the general idea behind the working of PHP framework is its MVC architecture. MVC is a pattern used in all programming languages it enables us to write code in a way that separate business logic from the user interface. Although separated, they yet interact with each other.


Different PHP frameworks are-



Laravel is a most popular free open source PHP framework intended to develop web applications which use the model view controller (MVC) architecture. Laravel was introduced in 2011; it is new but has become most popular PHP framework in such less time. Laravel has the best documentation and full community support. The only disadvantage of Laravel is slow speed and big size.



CodeIgniter is another most popular framework. It is much user-friendly for small and large scale app development. it is not strictly based on MVC pattern you can write your own code, it gives full freedom to developers. PHP framework has too much functionality which makes its speed fast and gives easy handling and customization. The only disadvantage is that it is a company driven instead of community driven.



Symfony PHP framework is a set of reusable PHP components, the purpose is to speed up the development and to make high-performance applications. For large and complex app development Symfony is recommended framework. Symfony components are much powerful, sometimes the most popular Laravel framework also use Symfony's components. It provides applications including features like easy integration with third party applications. The disadvantage is having less documentation.



CakePHP is an open source PHP framework designed with MVC Pattern developed in 2005. CakePHP has large growing great community support so each and every query can be solved easily. It is mainly used in the commercial web application development which requires high-level security since it has many inbuilt security features. The disadvantage is bulky code thus speed is slow.


Zend framework-

Zend is an open source object-oriented PHP framework developed in PHP5. It has a number of components like a component library. Zend framework includes separation of different components of application individually different parts can be developed as required. Zend is created with agile methodology and it is mainly used to develop high-quality applications for enterprise clients. Zend is generally not recommended for small application projects it is mainly used to develop higher level complexity web development. Zend is highly customizable but the only issue is getting started is not that much easy as other frameworks and plug-in also very expensive.



Phalcon is high-performance open source web PHP framework developed in 2012 with MVC pattern. Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework written in C language, no need to use any library.  It is fast, has good documentation, decreased resource usage, and has attractive syntax. The disadvantage is having the lack of clear bootstrapping structure creates a bit of confusion.


Slim –

Slim is a PHP micro framework that allows you to write simple yet powerful applications. You can create a full-featured code for web application with great user interface. It has fast speed and very less coding that is very simple to understand, you don’t need to give time for learning it. Slim is mainly used for development of smaller apps; developers use this for RESTful APIs and services. Slim supports URL routing, flash messages, encrypted cookies.   Slim contains routes that only respond to specific HTTP requests. It provides what you need and not provide what you don’t need.


Yii –

Yii is open source object-oriented component-based PHP framework written in PHP5. Yii offers an excellent documentation and great community support. Yii is fastest PHP framework as it provides pretty clean and logical code base and supports rapid application development. It is developed with MVC pattern & provides secure and professional features to develop robust web applications. It is suitable for all kinds of web applications like forums, portals, RESTful APIs and e-commerce sites. Yii framework is easy to install and also very extensible.



FuelPHP is a full stacked open source PHP framework written in PHP. It is a model view controller architecture which supports HMVC (hierarchical model view controller). It has high portability feature, anybody can work with Fuel framework on any server. It has also got excellent documentation and great active community support. It is very simple, flexible and has its own authentication framework thus it is a secure framework.



Fat-Free is powerful and easy to use PHP micro framework developed in 2009. It is developed in PHP with the features like URL router, multilingual application support etc. It supports both SQL and non-SQL database. Developers can develop a full featured app with a lightweight code using the Fat-Free framework (F3). The purpose is to speed up the development process with easy to use and fast Fat-Free framework.


After reading this article hope you will get some ideas how they are different from each other and which is best and most popular PHP framework. Now if you have a business and have some idea then put it in reality with PHP app development. We at APPTech Mobile solution, the mobile app and web Development Company provide you the best suitable web app development modules. Hire PHP developer from APPTech mobile and get the web development you are looking for.

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